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Simple complete and email this form stating;

  • measurements: download our measuring guide
  • if the kilt will be worn in a casual or formal style
  • choice of tartan: check out what different tartans look like here
  • what, if any, accessories are required e.g. sporran, belt, sgian dubh, ghillie brogues (shoes) kilt hose (socks)
  • what, if any, jacket style is required
  • if the garment(s) are required for a specific date, such as a wedding

Your enquiry will be acknowledged and a price, based on your requirements and the measurements provided will be confirmed. Please note that a minimum of 4 weeks depending on the availability of the tartan is required for made-to-order kilts.

Please note that a deposit of £200 for kilt order and £400 for full kilt order is required at the time of placing your orde

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